What is FutureRent?

FutureRent gives landlords early access to their rental income. For the fist time, landlords have the option of getting paid now and letting the tenant pay it back over time.

If your investment property is rented, you can unlock the power of up to $55,000 rent, paid upfront. If your investment property is for rent, you can get paid 4 weeks’ rent upfront to cover your leasing expenses.

FutureRent allows you to manage your cashflow and do what you want, when you want, with tomorrow’s rent today.

Why did we start FutureRent?

Budgeting is hard and borrowing money is a painful experience. Owning an investment property can be a great way to make big capital gains in the long term, but it often means tying up a lot of money in property, which can make it hard to pay for bigger expenses when they occur. Simple things like having to find a new tenant, can be expensive and get in the way of your regular budget.

We started FutureRent to empower landlords with tomorrow’s rent, today. We believe landlords deserve flexibility with their rental income, so they can manage their cashflow without borrowing money!

Stay updated with FutureRent news, tips and market insights

Stay updated with FutureRent news, tips and market insights

Who is FutureRent for?

We service landlords in all stages of life, but generally we find our clients fit three broad categories:

  1. Active investors: many of our clients are in the wealth creation stage of life and looking to ‘get ahead of the game’. They often have good incomes but understand the power of the upfront capital to accelerate their plan, whether that’s renovating a property, buying a new investment property, or growing a small business.
  2. Everyday landlords: we see a lot of landlords who are hardworking Australian families who’ve been able to buy an investment property as part of their retirement plan. Over the last few years the banks have become increasingly difficult to deal with, leaving these landlords asking themselves, ‘what’s the best way to pay for a car, finance home improvements, or pay the kids school fees’. These landlords don’t like credit cards and personal loans… they love that FutureRent gives them early access to their money to live their life.
  3. Retirees: many of our clients are transitioning into retirement or are retired and have worked hard all their lives to now own their own home, an investment property (or two) and have some money in superannuation. The problem these clients have is their taxable income isn’t what it used to be, so despite having plenty of assets, the banks don’t want to finance them. This often leaves them with little choice but to sell their investment property, or dip into their superannuation to help pay for larger expenses and live the lifestyle they deserve. Interestingly helping the kids pay for larger expenses like weddings and home deposits is also high on the agenda for these landlords. FutureRent gives them the freedom and flexibility they deserve.

What does it cost?

If your investment property is rented, you can get paid up to $55,000 in rent upfront for just 9.9% of the rent prepaid and the repayments are spread over 12 months. If your investment property is for rent, you can get 4 weeks’ rent upfront for just 2 days of rent and the repayments are spread over 6 months.

What our clients love about us is that our service comes at one fixed cost –slightly less rent because you receive the money upfront and FutureRent gets paid later. There’s no interest, hidden charges, or fees. FutureRent is only ever entitled to a fixed amount of rent from your investment property.

Unlike loans, our service comes at one fixed cost and that never changes!