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What is Futurerent?

Apr 26, 2019 |GODFREY DINH

Futurerent is an ‘on-demand’ rent withdrawal service, that gives landlords up to 1 year of rental income upfront that’s repaid from rent paid by the tenant over terms of up to 3 years. Instead of waiting for your rent to trickle in you can get what you want 'on-demand' and let your tenant pay it back on terms that suit you.

Futurerent is the only solution that’s purpose built for landlords to manage their cashflow and get ahead. Until now, the only other options property investors had was to refinance their entire loan or take out a prickly personal loan. Refinancing is a difficult and often a blunt solution that may mean choosing the wrong loan for your long-term objectives.

Why did we start Futurerent?

Owning an investment property is a well-travelled path to financial independence in the long term, but it usually means literally emptying your bank account for that deposit and then working hard to pay for two sets of mortgages and property bills, in addition to everything else life throws at you.

With experience investing in property for organisations like Investec and Deutsche Bank and buying investment properties personally in Australia and the USA, we understood that property is a really capital intensive business. We realised that while the banks do a great job of helping people buy investment properties, no-one is servicing the cashflow needs of landlords.      

We believe landlords deserve a better purpose built solution for their short term cashflow needs. Until now, the only other option landlords had was to refinance their entire loan, which is a difficult and blunt solution that may mean choosing the wrong loan. For example, it might mean breaking a fixed rate, refinancing $300,000 when you only need $30,000, or switching to interest only at a higher rate.

Who is Futurerent for?

We service landlords in all stages of life, but generally we find our clients fit three broad categories:

  1. Active investors: many of our clients are in the wealth creation stage of life and looking to ‘get ahead of the game’. They often have good incomes but understand the power of the upfront capital to accelerate their plan, whether that’s renovating a property, buying a new investment property, or growing a small business.
  2. Everyday landlords: we see a lot of landlords who are hardworking Australian families who’ve been able to buy an investment property as part of their retirement plan. Over the last few years the banks have become increasingly difficult to deal with making it harder to manage the cashflow and deal with the bigger expenses life throws at you.
  3. Retirees: many of our clients are transitioning into retirement or are retired and have worked hard all their lives to now own their own home, an investment property (or two) and have some money in superannuation. The problem these clients have is their taxable income isn’t what it used to be, so despite having plenty of assets, the banks don’t want to finance them. This often leaves them with little choice but to sell their investment property, or dip into their superannuation to help pay for larger expenses and live the lifestyle they deserve. Interestingly helping the kids pay for larger expenses like weddings and home deposits is also high on the agenda for these landlords. We want to give them the freedom and flexibility they deserve.

What does it cost?

A simple flat fee on the withdrawn amount of 0.5% per month over the expected term is collected from the rent paid by your tenant. For example, if your property is rented for $700 per week, you can withdraw $36,500 upfront for a flat fee of $42 per week from the rent paid by your tenant (i.e. $36,500 withdrawn multiplied by 0.5% per month is $182.50 per month, or $42 per week).

We calculate what this flat fee works out to over the expected term upfront and fix it. For example, if you choose a repayment term of 1.5 years, the total flat fee is $3,285 i.e. $182.50 per month multiplied by 18 months). This means that if your tenant moves out and the property is vacant and it takes a bit longer to pay Futurerent back, it doesn’t cost you any more than what you expected it would upfront. That’s one of the reasons our clients love Futurerent, there’s no interest or penalties if the repayments take a bit longer.

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Godfrey has invested in property in Australia and the USA, personally and professionally, for over 15 years. He is passionate about helping landlords on their property investment journey

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About Futurerent

Futurerent is a loan-free alternative to the banks, that gives property investors up to $100,000 of their rent, paid upfront. Simple, fast & 100% built for property investors, which means no interest, no credit impact, and no hidden fees.

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