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Darren Wilson is an ACT-based property investor, and he withdrew $25,000 in upfront rent from Futurerent to renovate his investment property in Darwin, NT. Darren's amazing renovation resulted in:


increase in rental income


extra rental income per year


return on investment

While Darren could have refinanced his mortgage with the bank to access his equity, he was reluctant to do so. ​

He knew this would be difficult and time-consuming, as refinancing usually:

  • Involves lots of paperwork, and feels like applying for a home loan from scratch
  • Takes around 3 months to complete​
  • Isn’t cheap - a standard refinance can cost thousands in bank charges, break fees, settlement fees, and much more.​

After comparing Futurerent’s terms with the banks, he used Futurerent to access one year of his rental income upfront.

We got the money, no hassles, straight in our account when it was told it would be there, so that I could then go confidently to my tradies and tell them work can go ahead and you can expect to be paid at this time as well.

The timing for the renovation works could not have been better. Strategic upgrades to the property while the NT rental market was in the middle of an early 2021 upswing proved to be powerful.

Darren’s investment property ended up generating an additional $15,600 annually, equivalent to a 60% increase in rental income.

Darren's vision enabled him to capitalise on a strengthening rental market and attract a premium tenant and rental. ​

As an investor, that ability to quickly and efficiently bring forward rent that is already yours and reinvest that into an existing property that you can then list to the market with a much higher rent – it’s the definition of a win-win for me.

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