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Your estimated savings are the difference between the interest cost of your top-up amount over your specified term and the cost of using Futurerent's service (based on a 1.5-year repayment term). Assumes monthly principal & interest repayments on the same interest rate throughout the term. Refinancing fees & charges not included. Default refinancing rate set at 3.42% p.a., as per the RBA average for outstanding investor home loans (as of July 2021).

Hero Right

Unlike the banks, we’re built for property investors


Lowest cost available

0.5% per month on your upfront amount, paid from your tenant's rent. No interest or hidden fees.

Dollar Thunder

Earn while you repay

Receive up to 60% of your rental income throughout the repayment term.

Credit Card

Slash your tax bill

Repayments are deducted before your rent is considered income, reducing your annual tax bill.


Avoid interest

We don't lock you in for 30 years. Our repayment terms are short and sweet, just the way we like it.

See how we compare

Futurerent is best understood using real numbers, so let's run them. If you want to access $28,000, for example, your costs will be:



CBA 3.54%


Westpac 3.84%


NAB 3.97%


ANZ 3.74%


Rates as of August 24, 2021. Futurerent cost based on a 1.5 year repayment term. Bank costs based on standard variable rates for investor home loans with principal & interest repayments. Bank costs exclude non-interest charges, ie. upfront costs and other fees.

0.5% monthly admin fee​

Our repayment terms are just 1.5-3 years, while banks keep you locked in with 30 years of interest payments. Here’s a full comparison of everything you need to make your decision.​

Overall cost
(to access $28k, for example)
Repayment term1.5 years30 years
Money transferred in2 business days3-4 months
New loanNot a loanYes
Establishment feesNoneYes
Fixed loan break costsNoneYes
Discharge feeNoneYes
Other feesNoneYes
Credit impactNoneYes
Renovate Your Hom

Renovate Your Home

There’s no place quite like home. If you’re looking to revamp your home, give your family more space or simply do a few repairs, Futurerent can help you access your rental income upfront to fund your home’s makeover. 

Renovate Your Investment Property

Renovate Your Investment Property

Improve your rental return or, if you’re about to sell, increase the value of your property with a clever renovation. Avoid hefty out-of-pocket costs by using Futurerent to pay for your renovation plans.

Buy Another Property

Buy Another Property

If you’re on the search for your dream home or looking to buy another investment property, accessing your rental income upfront is a great way to make the leap without refinancing

Invest In Shares

Invest In Shares

One of the best ways to build wealth and secure your long-term future is investing in shares. Invest in the latest tech companies or bluechip stock by using Futurerent to access the funds you need to grow your share portfolio.

Extra Cashflow

Extra Cashflow

Investing in property is expensive and you never know when your next major expense bill will hit you by surprise. With Futurerent, you can gain complete control over your cashflow, for that extra wiggle room.

Invest In Small Business

Invest In Small Business

Pay for a new fit-out or grow your business with a cash injection. By accessing your upfront rental income with Futurerent, you’ll be able to make your dream business plans a reality.


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