We’re reshaping the way property investors get paid

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Futurerent is revolutionising the old standard of rent being stuck in weekly or monthly cycles. Instead of waiting for the rent to trickle in, Futurerent lets residential property investors get paid up to a whole year’s rent upfront ‘on-demand’, in the same way a lot of commercial investors can get 3, 6 or 12 months' rent in advance.

On Demand

Owning an investment property is an expensive and capital intensive business, and like any business there are ups and downs and times when you need capital to invest in the future.

We’re the only purpose built solution to help landlords get ahead and manage their cashflow. We’re a simpler, faster and more consumer friendly alternative designed specifically for property investors and with their needs in mind.

Our leadership team

Godfrey Dinh

Founder and CEO

Godfrey has over 15 years’ experience in property investment and structured finance across a broad range of property deals for Investec, Deutsche Bank and Sanctuary Partners. He has bought and sold his own investment properties in Australia and the USA and is passionate about helping landlords on their property investment journey.

Jerry Stesel


Jerry is a founding partner of Our Innovation Fund, LP (OIF) and an Investment Committee member and leads the investment and operating activities of the firm. He has extensive technology investing and investment banking experience. Jerry has founded and successfully exited two fintech businesses.

Josh Bolot


Josh has over 20 years of corporate finance and investment experience, the majority of which was at Investec Bank Australia and Monash Private Capital, where he is a Principal. Over this time he has given strategic advice and invested in a wide range industries.