Pros and Cons to refinancing

What is refinancing?

Refinancing your loan is always an option, whether you are trying to better manage your debts, or want to use the recent decreases in interest rates as an opportunity to shop around, but what is refinancing and is it all that it's cracked up to be?

Pros to refinancing

  • Consolidating your debt - if you have multiple loans, it makes sense to consolidate them into one single loan, especially if you can get a lower interest rate. It’ll be easier to keep track of payments and loans.
  • Lower payments - refinancing may lead to lower monthly payments on your loan. This might result in more comfortable cash flow and more money in your pocket for other monthly expenses.
  • Different needs - chances are that when you got your original loan, your needs were different from what they are now. Refinancing may be the way to consolidate your debt, and provide you with a loan that meets your current needs.

Cons to refinancing

  • Comparing loans and offers - who has the time? Even with sites like Finder or Compare the Market, you need to spend time to find a good deal that just right for you. Beware, some comparison sites sting you with a fee if you choose to refinance through their site. It may be is worth speaking to a mortgage broker or financial advisor when it comes to refinancing.
  • Reset the clock - when you refinance, you often restart the clock and extend the amount of time you’ll take to repay a loan. When you stretch out loan payments over an extended period, you pay more interest on your debt. You might enjoy lower monthly payments, but the higher lifetime cost of borrowing can offset that benefit.
  • Annual or service fees - it is essential to know what fees and charges are applicable during the life of your loan. These can add up, which could defeat the purpose of refinancing in the first place.

Stay updated with FutureRent news, tips and market insights

Stay updated with FutureRent news, tips and market insights

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